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Tanja Vuksanovic

August 23 - September 1, 2023

Screening Hours:

August 23 and September 1: 3 - 9 PM

All Other Days: 3 - 5 PM



Time Consuming is an installation of roughly 100 videos projected onto a wall of cardboard boxes. Installed wall to ceiling, the cardboard boxes are repurposed, complete with shipping labels and tape. The videos feature a range of consumer products such as electronics, cosmetics, and vitamin supplements, and mimic the seductive and hypnotic aesthetics of commercial advertisements. The installation consumes the viewer with its size, composition of boxes, and multitude of videos ranging in speed, color, and content. While the videos are used to symbolize advertising and the role it plays in propagating an environment of consumerism, the boxes are an index of the online purchasing cycle and the waste that results as a byproduct of this cycle. Together, the installation speaks to how intertwined these two are, and how the individual is caught in this entanglement.

For more of Tanja's work, visit her website at or her instagram at

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