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September 17, 2020 — January 29, 2021

Artists: Cecilia López, Jules Gimbrone, Nikita Gale, Thessia Machado, Nao Nishihara, Adrian Piper, Stevie Say and Lucie Vítková


In, Of, From: Experiments in Sound is an exhibition that explores new ways of understanding the relationship between sound art and the traditional gallery experience. This exhibition will focus on a group of contemporary artists who have been experimenting with sound in their work. It is being organized in collaboration with artists Cecilia López and Jules Gimbrone. The exhibition intends to invite visitors to explore the connection between art and technology and seeks to introduce an examination of this connection that is especially apt in our current cultural context that is shaped by a dependence upon and an abuse of technology.

The works in this exhibition create a tension within the widely accepted practices of art display. They require the gallery visitor to rethink the specific temporalities and spatiality of the exhibition space with the goal of creating new dialogues in the academic context and wider art world. Primarily, the exhibition consists of four installations (known as “Scenarios”) designed by four artists. Each of these installations were specifically made for the University Gallery space and (due to COVID-19 restrictions) constructed entirely in-house.

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