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hear my voice:
MFA Candidates Exhibition I & II

Curated by Jeremy Mikolajczak

I: March 18 – April 1, 2022

II: April 8 - April 22, 2022 


Part I Artists:
Kayla Burnett
Kobe Elixson
Megan Kozal
Lindsey Myers

Part II Artists:
Bary Birm
Kourosh Jeddi
Martha Underriner
Sonia Vera-León
Vincent Granela

Curatorial Statement

hear my voice is not your typical exhibition presenting a culmination of a master fine

arts candidate’s studies. Not for these artists. Especially not during this pivotal time

in their career with a global pandemic raging in the background. Disrupted livelihoods,

personal health, and connectivity between one another created an unfathomable

experience. As a result, many resorted to some strange form of forced isolation. Like

the educational process, curating this exhibition was equally affected. Conversations

and studio visits were disjointed by distance and time, but to their credit, each artist

remained steadfast in their pursuits finding enlightenment in the process of making

and pushing.

Presented in two parts, hear my voice features unique groups of artists, projects, and

works. Each component unveils a remarkable series of commonalities among their

presentations, how they approach their work, and how they speak to one another.

There is much to explore in this exhibition. First is a variety of media ranging from

painting and sculpture to installation and performance, and second, the various

perspectives on the profoundly introspective world and simultaneous yearning to

communicate with audiences.

Truth, politics, and society run dominant throughout the artists’ works in part one.

What may seem like dark territory also reflects a unique light and problem-solving

notion to each artist’s project. Many works are direct in their message and offer

opportunities to examine and interact with their intentions. Here, the artist’s voice is

less about me but more about us—how we collectively come to terms with facets of

humanity such as anonymity, homelessness, equity, faith, and care for all people.

In part two, the exhibition takes a contemplative turn, where the artist’s work explores

the very nature of phenomenology from an acutely personal place. Culture, trauma,

tradition, loss, and identity play an active role in opening a dialogue. Without being

intentional, viewers are left to their own devices to navigate, actuate, and find

meaning within the works and projects presented.

Despite having experienced their graduate educational experience during the

pandemic, these artists overcame many odds to present this engaging constellation

of works and projects. Each exudes the consciousness and confidence of one’s

expression while remaining hopeful for what comes next. hear my voice exemplifies

the perseverance of an artists’ creativity, research, and exploration while staying

committed to the most powerful force for any human—to have a voice.

Jeremy Mikolajczak

Guest Curator

Part I Opening Reception:

Part II Opening Reception:

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