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September 03, 2019 — October 25, 2019

Curatorial Statement

Through collage and paint, Brooklyn-based artist Allison Zuckerman remixes the male-dominated canon of art with her creations. Her work is equivalent to a musical DJ of the visual arts. Born in 1990 in Pennsylvania, Allison began painting when she was a child. In 2012, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and in 2015, she earned a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from the School of Art Institute of Chicago. Allison first exhibited in New York City at Kravets Wehby Gallery in January 2017. That summer the Rubell family offered her a residency, which turned out into her solo show Stranger in Paradise at the Rubell Family Collection, on display from December 2017 through August 2018.

Allison’s body of work derives from her historical, cultural, and visual discoveries. Allison picks and chooses images from different moments throughout art history, as well as her own painted imagery, and fuses them by collaging and painting. Her paintings point to the continuing dialogue between past and present. Humor, love and vulnerability are the keywords of her artistic language. Her aesthetic is animated by satire: her art ironically addresses – and at times criticized – controversial topics, while entertaining the viewer. Vitruvian Women features Allison’s first solo exhibition at the University Gallery. Mona (2018), Athenian Scholars (2019), and Hopeful Explorer (2019) are the fruits of an intensive study into the High Renaissance works of Italian artists Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael, and the German artist Lucas Cranach. Also exhibited in the University Gallery are three paintings from the Rubell Family Collection: Restless Muse, The Queen, and The Music Lesson. Beyond the Rubell Family Collection, her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions at key galleries and museums, including the Pizzuti Collection (2018), The Akron Art Museum (2018-2019), Jeffrey Deitch (2018), and the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art (Sep. 21, 2019 - Jan. 25, 2020).

More works by Allison can be found on her website:

Installation Shots

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