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October 27, 2021 — December 03, 2021

Grinter Gallery

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Obsolescence: Process of becoming obsolete or outdated; no longer in use 

O-B-S-O-L-E-S-C-E-N-C-E features the creative output of 24 individuals invited to participate in an interdisciplinary workshop hosted by artist Amalia Pica, featured in the Plural Domains exhibit at the University Galleries. This two-day virtual workshop between the Department of Engineering and the Department of Art focused on obsolete technologies and their symbolic potential. Amalia Pica has long been fascinated by what it means to send a message in code to people who no longer understand: “It occurs to me there is a parallel with art making in which the openness of interpretation is a crucial aspect of the communicated act, questioning efficiency and accuracy.” Building on this idea of obsolescence, Pica invited attendees to think and research objects that are no longer in use, failed technologies, or impossible technologies.  Students were then asked to implement and present a small description and proposal before producing either a sketch, finished artwork, or detailed proposal. The proposals and products you see before you all embody current students’ understanding of obsolescence. This exhibition invites you to question what is obsolescence? And how do different generations interpret obsolescence?  

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