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Juror: Jennifer Inacio

February 9, 2024 - March 2, 2024

IMG_0754 copy.jpg

Ursa Johnson, Middle Instinct Going Lower, 2022, oil on board, 20.5 x 24 in., courtesy of the artist.

Show Description

After a pandemic-induced hiatus, the School of Art and Art History proudly reinstates the decades-long tradition of the Juried Student Show. This exhibition serves not only as a showcase for exceptional student talent, but also as an invaluable experiential learning opportunity. It allows students to hone their professional practice by navigating the selection process, exhibition installation, and audience engagement, all while sharing their creativity with the wider community.


This year's iteration, juried by Associate Curator at Pérez Art Museum Miami Jennifer Inacio, promises to be particularly captivating. From a pool of 162 submissions, Inacio meticulously selected 53 diverse works by 42 undergraduate and graduate students across a spectrum of mediums: painting, sculpture, video, photography, ceramics, textile, performance, and digital art. In Inacio’s words, “the selected works delve into the intricacies of everyday existence and explore the complex currents of socio-political landscapes. Within this dynamic group, artists celebrate their personal histories and ancestral roots, while others boldly challenge social concerns, revealing their commitment to pushing the boundaries of aesthetic and conceptual realms. Through a keen awareness of the evolving complexities of contemporary life, these talents unite in their shared pursuit of leveraging art's potential to articulate and shape the ever-changing narratives of our time.”


Thanks to the generous support of Gary R. Libby, the Juried Student Show has transcended mere exhibition space and morphed into a vibrant platform for engagement. The diverse practices students embrace find a home here, sparking meaningful dialogue about the world we inhabit and the stories we choose to tell.

Macarena Deij Prado


Artists included in the exhibition: Alex Abair, Jazmine Baca, Nicole Barrios Beaufrand, Anani Blakey, Lindsay Carlton, Leia Ciociola, Zoe D’Antonio, Chandler Damrill, Corvus Dempsey, Jackson Domenico, Mary Bella Durham, Samantha Eady, Sarah Eckstrom, Leila Elguennich, Lainie Ettema, Anna Foppe, Bren Garland, Clara Grams, Natalia Guerrero, Jasmine Hickman, Sydney Hinton, Noah Holder, Brooke Hull, Luka Hsu, Campbell Johnson, Ursa Johnson, Noah Kellough, Gillian Kinder, Cat Paroline, Patricia Pascual, Aurora Pavlish-Carpenter, Alexia Rangel Krashenitsa, Maria Raya Contreras, Marrow Seldes, Hannah Shipley, Oscar Soto, Sarah Stander, Grace Tompkins, Abigail Victoria Waldhauer, Jeneice Ware, Emily Weigel, Karina Yanes.

Student Installation Process:


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